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Win $15,000 worth of prizes^

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Measure your impact

Hey! It's Heme here! Where did you get your Impossible™ Meat recently?


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We Got This

This month we have reduced our environmental footprint significantly with Impossible™ Beef

Statistic in Singapore

We reduced our GHG footprint by


KM driven in a car
with Impossible Burger


We've reduced our land footprint by the equivalent of


Trees in the amazon
with Impossible Burger


We reduced our water footprint by


with Impossible Burger


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Big Flavour Tiny Footprint

Eating Impossible Beef instead of an animal means your environmentall footprint is much lower



Less water



Less land



Fewer Greenhouse emissions

Our partners

Engineers instinctively want to improve things, make them more efficient and use fewer resources. We call it "lean engineering." It is one of our core philosophies that enables us to use science, engineering, and behaviour change to improve performance while using fewer resources. This has been the case from day one, but our focus is sharpening. Whether it's through our pioneering technology, spaces, philanthropic activities or education, it's essential that sustainability is at the centre of Dyson.

We’re totally coconuts about beauty! Which is why we have combined powerful & tropical ingredients to provide amazing results and make your life feel like a constant holiday. Coco & Eve is proudly 100% vegan, cruelty free, PETA approved, and ethically sourced.

#Cookimpossible can be delightfully easy if you have the right cooking equipment with you! Happycall's flagship product Made in Korea, Happycall Double Pan makes flipping food convenient! FDA approved, patented silicone seal reduces smell, smoke, and oil splatter. Retains heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.


Grocery stores

Small Actions

Big change

What’s the most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint? We’ll give you a hint: It starts with your plate. That’s right — adjusting your diet can be better than getting solar panels, driving an electric car, or avoiding plastic straws. That’s where Impossible Foods comes in. We make delicious meat, fish, and dairy products, from plants, so you can eat what you love, and save the planet that you love. Small actions lead to big change. Learn more about why we do what we do, and how you can take a bite out of it.